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We specialise in solutions for the inside of your package.  Corrugated and solid board fittings are a cost effective, reliable and versatile solution for securing and protecting your products.  All products are manufactured from material that is fully recyclable, compostable and sustainable and free from plastics.


Dividers and Partitions

We manufacture a full range of bespoke corrugated and solid board dividers and partitions.  Bespoke sizes are available to suit all applications from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to home delivery solutions for food and drinks to bulk components.  Dividers and partitions can be supplied either slotted without the need for tooling or die-cut for more exacting applications.

Die-Cut Boxes and Fittings

Bespoke plain and 2 colour printed die-cut boxes and fittings in any Fefco style.  We offer short run minimum order quantities and our die-cutting equipment can handle blank sizes up to 1400mm x 1700mm.


Layer Pads and Creased Fittings

Corrugated and solid board layer pads and creased fittings manufactured to your specification in any size or grade of material.

Corrugated Boxes

Through our sister company we can also offer a full range of bespoke corrugated boxes to suit your specific requirements.  Boxes are available in variety of grades and strengths and in sizes from 100mm x 100mm x 100mm up TO 1200mm x 1000mm x 1200mm pallet boxes.  Boxes can be printed in 2 colours with your required design and are available with a glued or stitched seem.

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